5k Or 10k Bespoke Running Medals

Plain 5k & 10K Medals

We can supply Plain 5k & 10K Medals, create any design you wish, perfect for your running event if you are on a low budget.

Full Colour 5k and 10K

Looking to stand out at your event? Full Colour 5k and 10 K run medals in full colour really stand out, bronze, silver or gold.

Part Colour 5k & 10k

Consider your medal to be a Part Colour 5k & 10k, half colour and half choose your plain colour. Round or bespoke medal design.

Bespoke running medals

A bespoke running medal 1k , 5k , 10k or event a marathon event can we a real treat for any participant, even if they are taking part in a virtual event.

5k running events along with the standard 10k events are the most popular medals.

A close second is the marathon medal, along side that the half marathon medal.Its true to say the running events are the most popular way to raise money for a cause and charity.


We can create any design you require for your running event medal.The most popular is the simple round medal.

Adding colour to any 5k or 10k running medal is truly the best way to put a smile on a runners head after finishing the event.an Enamelled Full Colour Medals, Part Enamelled Medals , Non Enamelled MedalsWooden Medals.