5k 10k Bespoke Medals

If you are planning a 5k running event, or even a 10k running event then we can supply the medals for you.We offer a great service that will mean you get bespoke medals for your runners.

Table Of Contents Of Articles 

*Choosing A 5k running Event Medal

*Choosing A 10k running Event Medal

*How To Design A 5K and 10K Medal

*How Long Do Bespoke Medals Take To Create?

*What Are Set Up Costs?

*How Are Bespoke Medals Packed?

*How Many Colours Can Be Used?

5k running medals popular?

Why are 5k running medals popular?

A Bespoke Sports Medal is a perfect way to reward your running event participant.Most runners enjoy collecting a totally customised medal.

A colourful ribbon is also supplied, these are very often customised with a logo.The Bespoke Medal is a very attractive looking medal, very often much more than a normal basic rounded medal.

With A Bespoke Medal you will get a great looking medal, they are truly attractive and have mixed shapes to choose from.


5k and 10k Medal Look Really amazing

Get A Bespoke Medal Design Service

Choosing A 5k running Event Medal Its tricky to get the best look for your 5k running medal, with the Bespoke Medal the possibilities are endless. Large, medium and a small shaped medals can be created.When you choose a 5k running medal its important to create a style that reflects your 5k event.

Choosing A 10k running Event Medal If you choose to create a 10k running medal to create then the basics suggestions apply as with the 5k medals.With a 10k medal you can also have any size or shape, small and very large medals can be created, colours up-to 6 types can be created across the medal styles.

How To Design A 5K and 10K Medal If your wondering how to design a Bespoke Medal then its easy with Enamelledbadges.com we offer a full design service.Send in your logo, or design to receive a mock up, which you can see HERE,  the designs are then crafted buy our skill full teams, packed up, and shipped out.Designing a Bespoke Medal can be the fun part of creating a Bespoke Medal for your event.

Best Bespoke Medals


How Long Do Bespoke Medals Take To Create?

Many people ask the Qs how long do the bespoke medals take to create? we can create very quickly, we have some of the fastest lead times in the industry.Creating the medals quickly is important as many events require the medals on time, ready for the participants to receive after there event.

*What Are Set Up Costs?

The general set up costs of creating 5k or 10k medals are normally only the mould creation charge these moulds form the structure of the medal.The general mould charge is any where between £35.00 to £45.00, this then is a one off fee.

*How Are Bespoke Medals Packed?

The packing up of Bespoke Sports Medal orders has to be important, keeping the medals in great looking condition.We use bubble rap, and strong cardboard to support the shipping of the medals from factory to you.

*How Many Colours Can Be Used?

You can use any colours as you wish when creating the best looking 5k and 10k Bespoke Medals.Many running events use a full colour medal format, however, the non coloured medal can also very popular.