Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Coin Creation Services

Are you looking for a custom coin? do you want your coin to be a limited edition, or bespoke? we can help with any design you choose just send in your artwork. Choose your coin Metal Type and Casting Technique commemorative custom engraved coins, either way, they will look great.

Our coins are bespoke and can be individually created to make them super special and exclusive to your brand or purpose.

Using a bespoke coin for whatever reason, this may be your company requires mass production, or you seek a coin for commemorative reasons, whichever please get in touch, we can help. See the bespoke coin section here.

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If you require bespoke custom coins and would like a quick quote please contact us.

FAQ About Custom Coins

Most frequent questions and answers about bespoke coin services

The Size of a custom bespoke coin can differ in sizes from 1.205 inches or 30.61 mm. The size can be created from you choosing your own size or with the standard.

We can create any colour custom coins, the choice is yours. One colour coins are the most popular, however all colours of a branded logo can be used.

We draft a mock up for your approval, any bespoke coin created is crafted with care. Lead times are around 2- 3 weeks.

We can supply great looking custom boxes, these can be an addition to any clear boxes.

Yes, we can ship Yes! to most other countries , we mainly ship across Europe 

Other FAQ Custom Coins

Custom coins that are be created can help you grow your company or business by showcasing your business logo using certain formats, placing coins on products for example.

A wide range of metal can be used, Cupro – Nickel can be used for custom coins , with a 9 g weight, coins made from brass, made copper and zinc together, is harder, stronger, you may also wish to consider other metals such as Silver , or even Gold.


Hard Enamel coloured coins are perfect for any coin creation, they look great.

We ship custom and bespoke coin orders out by express, using DHL or Royal Mail.

Our Custom Coin Services are vast, we can create any size, any volume, and finish.