Bespoke Coin Creation Service

Looking For Bespoke Coin Creation Service?

If your looking for a Bespoke Coin Creation Service across the UK we can help, we also produce Bespoke Coins and ship across Europe. When creating a Bespoke Custom Coin for whatever reason many factors are taken into consideration. Coins, are created from many different types of material and very often for many bespoke coins creation reasons. The weight, colour, and size of metal bespoke coins are highly important to the customer. Also, custom coins or tokens as they are sometimes described as { at the lower end of the scale } are created just for one type of reason.

Custom Coin Creation For Company Rewards

The custom made coin can be used by many companies across the UK as a precious coin service with or without. box, for their employees, clients of the company, a way of saying thanks. A custom coin is a creation is a perfect product to capture the heritage or standards of your company, that can be trapped in time forever.

Coin Creation For Military Requirements.

Across the UK the history of reward presentation coins goes back more than 200 years, a long history in service, and it was used to send out the value the high level of sacrifice, service and commitment to land and country that any man or woman serving in the military is required to do. Across the world in fact reward coins such as this are created and given out.

University or School Coins And Awards

It’s widely known that when UK students leave university or in fact school, certain commemorative coins, and awards are a most certainly unique way to capture all the wonderful memories of the long hard study journey of exams and successes ready for a new job. University school Coins can also be used as wonderful gifts when the staff visits other institutions, university or in fact school.

To buy or have created amazing looking bespoke coins you could look through a wonderful variety of many different coin options that make your custom coin special and very unique. You can choose from wonderful different materials, looks, finishes, round the edge border design, coloration, metal types of customisation.

Bespoke Coins Created

  • A wonderful selection of bespoke coins and services can be created, from 50x4mm, 51x4mm, 52x4mm,53x4mm, 54x5mm and many other coin type sizes, Heavy Bronze Coins, Super Hard Enamel colour​​ Coins, Very Light Antique Finish Coins which are very popular, Also a Special border cut coin with the finest Precision finish also very popular.
  • Bronze Coins
  • Aluminium Anodized Coins
  • PVC Silver Plated Coins
  • Brass Coins
  • Nickel Coins
  • BiColour Coins

The Coin Acryllic Box Or Cup

A Coin Acryllic Box Or Cup holder can be used to keep bespoke coins safe, a wonderful place to keep them safe.

Acrylic Coin Stand

The Acrylic Coin Stand is a perfect item for presenting the coin, at home in a showcase or anywhere.

Metal coin stand-up display

The metal coin stands up display unit is available in gold, silver or black or even wood if required.

Velvet Boxes In Many Sizes Or Colours Can Be Available

Velvet Boxes which are high-quality standard packaging for any coin created look great.

Bespoke Coin Cast In Solid Acrylic

Clear “Solid Acrylic” At any size is possible, the showcase of the coin in place forever.

Bespoke Coin Special Packaging

Special format coin package is popular, with a print & inlay, anything is possible simply ask.


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Gloria Crosby
Gloria Crosby

Curabitur feugiat laoreet amet tincidunt sem bibendum et. Praesent fermentum auctor malesuada. Nunc pretium lectus est, vitae sodales nisi dignissim molestie.

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