Bespoke Medals

Bespoke Medals – Why choosing to Design Your Own?

The process of obtaining bespoke medals and awards is a difficult one. This is because the aim of any award is to represent professionalism, integrity and dedication on the part of the recipient, and it should do so in a way that will last long after the event for which it was given. With so many types on offer, custom medals for races, custom medals awards, custom medals and trophies,  In fact, the very purpose of a custom medal is to be kept forever as memorabilia of a memorable event. This is why it is essential that any custom medals are manufactured to the highest of standards – that is not something that can always be achieved with mass-produced products.

 Producing Custom Bespoke Medals

One of the key reasons why bespoke medals are produced in the original and bespoke style is to create a one-off collector’s item that will last in the hands of the very person who was awarded it. This is of course another reason why the tself must be as time consuming and arduous as possible. The actual process of production includes every step from designing and drawing the design through to the moulding and casting of the medals themselves. It is a complex process that also requires skill, patience and dedication in order to get things right.

 How To Produce Bespoke Medals

The key process which is used to manufacture bespoke medals is called embossing. This involves using a coating of ink onto the medals which is able to withstand the rigours of repeated handling and removal. After this the medals are then passed through a pressing process which involves pouring a mixture of molten metal into the cavities of the medals themselves, and the result being a metal which is sturdy, solid and durable. At this point the material is ready to be coated with acrylic or gold paint and left to dry in the appropriate manner.

 Types Of Bespoke Medals

The different finishes available for bespoke medals are determined by the type of metal that they are made from. For example, the finishes available for cast metals include either gloss, mirror silver or satin finishes. These finishes can also be obtained for precious and semi-precious stones. Alternatively, there are numerous other types of finishes available including bronze, chrome, gold plating, silver plating, brass plating, matte silver, matte gold plating, galvanized finishes, gold-filled and matte bronze.

 The Finish Of Bespoke Medals

There are also various different types of finishes available for the faces of the medals. Bronze colour enamel finishes are popular for creating shiny gold-based colour on the face of the medals. Chrome colour enamel provides a similar finish but uses chrome plating to create a matte silver finish. Satin colour enamel, gold plating and galvanized finishes all use a different surface texture to create the different finished outcomes, with some using raised features while others have flat surfaces.

Best Place To Buy Bespoke Medals

Sourcing Bespoke Medals – When it comes to choosing the right company to source your bespoke medals from there are a number of considerations, the best company in the UK is Enambelledbadges . First of all, the company must be established and reputable, and the quality of their products should be known and can be trusted. This is particularly important when it comes to choosing a specialist metalworker, as you need to know that they can deliver the highest quality to you.

 Any Shape Producing Custom Medals

The company must also have a great deal of experience in producing your required medals. They should be able to produce the style and shape of the design you require at the precise size and weight of each piece required. They should also be able to produce the specific colours and finishes you require within a short space of time. In addition, bespoke medals are produced on an individual basis and individual orders can sometimes be more difficult to obtain. Some companies can offer you a quotation on your order and this is always very helpful to customers.

 Custom Medals Designed To Any Shape

One of the most valuable aspects of bespoke designs is the ability to have them designed exactly to your requirements. This is because you are able to incorporate your own ideas and personalisation into the process; which ensures that your designs are truly unique and will stand out from other designs in the marketplace. You can also be absolutely sure that your medals will be made with high quality materials; this is vital for the success of your business as well as being the highest quality medals available. Most importantly, you can be absolutely confident that you will receive the best service and results from your business, because if you are designing your own medals you can be confident that you are giving something back to your business – something that is treasured by customers. If you want to stand out from your competition and create a long lasting professional reputation then bespoke medals are a must.

Bespoke Medals For Sports

The use of bespoke medals has become increasingly common with the growth of medals as a fashion accessory over the last decade. In an age where gold and silver remain the dominant materials for medals, it is no surprise that bespoke medals are enjoying a surge in popularity. Unlike the old style of medal, the modern design combines different elements from all around, giving the wearer a one of a kind look. Whether you are looking for a design to compliment your wardrobe, or you are looking to give a unique touch to a prestigious athletic competition, bespoke medals are the answer.


Materials Used For Making Bespoke Medals

Bespoke medals can be made using any precious metal that can withstand high heat and stress. The platinum, titanium and stainless steel are commonly used for bespoke medals; sometimes gold and silver are also used if more precision is required. Some specialist companies specialise in making medals from all different materials. Depending on the customer’s needs, bespoke medals may be made using different sizes, shapes and weights; this makes them ideal for sporting disciplines such as weightlifting, swimming, gymnastics and sailing.

 Straightforward Style’s Of Medals 

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward style of medal, then a gold, silver or platinum finish is ideal. With a choice of six colours to choose from, bespoke medals are easy to personalise to your own needs. For example, silver medals can be personalised with the names of the user or the date they won the medal. A gold finish is often chosen for a more traditional look, although a silver finish can be combined with a platinum finish for a contemporary piece. The size and shape of the medal can also be adjusted; if you want it to be smaller, then you can have it made to measure, or if you would like it to be larger, then you can alter the size during the manufacturing process.

 Medals In Bronze, Silver , Gold Medals

The finishes available for bespoke medals range from elegant champagne sparkles to matte black. These finishes have been inspired by the latest in fashion trends, and will go great with any piece of jewellery. There is something for everyone; there are finishes available in the traditional gold, silver, platinum and Matt silver finishes, and there are also many more options. There are metallic finishes available in bronze, copper, silver and even black! The metallic finishes will complement almost any piece of jewellery. The shiny gold option is great for modern bridal sets, while the matte silver is great for wearing with a formal shirt.

 Your Style Of Medal

As well as the many different styles of medals, customers can also request different text, ribbon and ribbons to be incorporated into their set. When ordering ribbons and bows for bespoke designs, try to make sure that you know exactly what you want before ordering, as the ribbon and charms can be very intricate. This ensures that your choice of embellishment will remain consistent throughout all your bespoke medals.

 Running Medals

The range of materials available for bespoke medals is huge, meaning that every customer will find a design that is perfect for their needs. Yellow gold, rose gold, silver and various other colours are all available to choose from, meaning that there is a huge range of textured designs available that will suit most any occasion. Silver running medals are often used at Christmas and Easter, while gold and silver ribbons are used in a huge range of different occasions. Whether it is a gold or silver plated ribbon that you are looking for, or whether you prefer a plain pattern, there will be a huge range available to suit your needs.

 Personalised Medals

Bespoke medals are also popular at Hen and stag nights. They make great hen and stag shirts and will go down well with the crowd. Another reason that custom made medals are so popular at parties is that they are often personalised with the date of the party, name of the venue, along with any other personal message that you would like to include. Whether you are looking to give out bespoke medals at a corporate party, or you are looking for something a little more unique for a wedding, you will be able to find a suitable design and have it made to your exacting standards.


Individual Sports Medals

Bespoke medals are a great way to add a touch of individual style to your promotional products. With so many different textured designs available, you can choose any pattern or colour that you wish, allowing you to create something that is unique to you and your company. If you are looking for something different for your next event or simply want to add some personalised touches, bespoke medals and ribbons are an excellent choice.

Bespoke Medals is unique and highly personalized. Creating Bespoke Medals for your brand, club or charity helps to give instant recognition to your company, brand or even event and positively impacts perception of your brand, organisation. As the name indicates, these medals are made to order and are uniquely designed and constructed, incorporating your company’s brand and logo. They are designed to your exact specifications, including dimensions, shape, colour and material used. They are generally created using the latest digital technology, including laser engraving and die casting.

 Coloured Custom Medals

Bespoke Medals can be used for a wide range of different things. The main benefit of using bespoke medals is that you can select from a huge range of colours, shapes, fonts and logos to suit your exact requirements. You can have a huge range of text and graphics on your medal, including your company name, sponsors, date and more. They are the perfect way to give a brand promotion at various sporting events, such as running events, triathlons and marathons. By creating your own bespoke medals you can also increase exposure at small events such as school carnivals, local events and other social occasions.

 Medal Coin Creation 

There are lots of advantages to using bespoke medals. For example, because every coin has a unique surface, your message or image will stand out even more compared to a standard medal. They are a highly effective tool for promoting your brand, institution or charity. Because each coin is individually designed and constructed, they are able to accurately represent your company image, colour scheme and message. In addition to this, there are usually only a few different types of medals available, which means that you are certain to get one that really represents your company brand.

 Very Affordable Bespoke Medals

Bespoke medals are very affordable and can be produced in a wide range of different materials and styles. This means that you can match your promotional item to a wide range of different budgets. As well as this, many of the new designs of these medals have been produced using high quality materials and finishes, meaning that you can rest assured that your money is being spent wisely. Many of the companies that offer bespoke medals are able to produce your message, image and design in metal and ceramic components. This means that you can have your message, logo or image incorporated into a wide range of different materials and finishes.


Popular Custom Medals

One of the most popular uses for bespoke medals is in the business and corporate sectors. These can be produced to a high-quality standard, using high-quality materials and finishing details. Because many of the companies that create these custom made medals use a variety of different methods, you can get any style, shape or size. You can choose from a selection of finishes including gold, silver, bronze, pewter and stainless steel. The finish and texture of the medals will determine your overall branding effectiveness.

 Promotional And Business Gifts.

Bespoke medals are also ideal as promotional and business gifts. You can purchase a range of different sized bespoke medals in different weights to send to your valued clients and customers. If you want your promotional items to be given as a gift, you may want to consider choosing the extra-large option as these will be ideal for representing big companies. When sending these medals, it is important that you ensure you include your company logo, company name and website address in the medal boxes.

 Adding Leather To Bespoke Medals

When choosing the material and finish for your customised medals, it is important to choose colours that are appropriate for your target audience. The different finishes available include gold, silver, bronze, stainless steel and pewter. Gold looks great when representing wealth and glamour whilst silver is a more understated finish. Bronze finishes look great on a range of clothing items and combine very well with leather and canvas.


It is essential to remember to order your custom medals from a reputable company as your finished product may not reflect the colours or designs you have chosen. Many companies offer a variety of different options to create bespoke medals depending on your needs. This may include the addition of extra text to the medals themselves, alternative finishes or even interchangeable medals. It is recommended that you choose a high-quality company with a long-standing history of producing fine bespoke awards and medals so that you are able to trust your investment.

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