Custom Coins: Crafting Timeless Tokens

Experience the artistry of our custom coins! Crafted with precision, our personalised coins embody exceptional quality. Swift order lead times. Order your unique custom made coins today and make your mark!  

Explore Our Diverse Range of Custom Coins

Immerse yourself in the world of personalised coins, where every piece tells a unique story. Whether you’re seeking double-sided designs, coins for rewarding staff, bespoke event coins, or custom celebration coins, we have you covered. Our coins are meticulously crafted with a commitment to exceptional quality and attention to detail. With our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, each custom coin is a work of art that exceeds expectations. Explore our diverse range of options and let us bring your vision to life through our exquisite custom made coins.  

Unlock endless possibilities with double sided coin designs. Showcase intricate artwork, logos, or messages on both sides, creating a visually captivating and memorable coin that stands out from the rest.

Recognize and motivate your staff with custom made coins. Our coins can be personalised with your company logo, employee names, or achievement details, providing a tangible token of appreciation.

Make your events truly extraordinary with bespoke event coins. Whether it’s a conference, trade show, or special occasion, our custom coins will elevate the experience and serve as cherished keepsakes for attendees.

Celebrate life’s milestones in a unique way with custom celebration coins. From birthdays and anniversaries and graduations, our personalised coins offer a touch that captures the significance of these special moments.

Personalised Coins for Your Commemorative Needs

At Enamelled Badges, we believe in providing a seamless and user-friendly customization experience, allowing you to visualise your design and make adjustments until it’s just right. Create custom coins that exceed your expectations and become cherished tokens of remembrance for any occasion. 

  • Material: Choose from a variety of high-quality metals, including brass, copper, silver, or gold, to give your coins a distinct and premium look.  

  • Shape: Select from standard shapes like round, square, or rectangular, or opt for a unique custom shape that reflects the theme or purpose of your coins.  

  • Colour: Enhance your design with vibrant and eye-catching colours using enamel fill or paint. Add depth and dimension to your coins, making them visually appealing and memorable.  

  • Engraving: Personalise your coins with precision engraving, allowing you to include names, dates, logos, or special messages. This adds a sophisticated touch and makes each coin truly unique.  

  • Edge Options: Customise the edge of your coins with various options such as reeded, plain, or a unique pattern, further enhancing the overall design and feel.  

  • Finish: Choose from a range of finishes, including polished, antique, or matte, to add the desired effect and texture to your coins.

Why Choose Our Custom Coins for Lasting Impressions

When it comes to custom coins, choosing us ensures you receive an exceptional experience. We pride ourselves on delivering custom made coins of the highest quality. The attention to detail and fine finishes make a lasting impression on anyone who holds these coins. With our custom made coins, you have the opportunity to create a truly personalised piece. From selecting materials and shapes to incorporating unique designs and engravings, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. The result is a coin that holds deep personal meaning and significance. We understand the value of your investment. Additionally, we prioritise swift turnaround times, delivering your personalised coins promptly so you can enjoy them without unnecessary delays. Choose us for premium quality, unparalleled personalization, lasting impressions, competitive pricing, and efficient service. Let us help you create custom made coins that become cherished keepsakes and tokens of remembrance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Coins

Absolutely! We offer the option to personalise both sides of your custom coins. This allows you to showcase intricate designs, logos, or messages on each side, making your coins truly unique.

Yes, we offer various thickness options for our custom coins.

Yes, we offer custom coin cases and presentation boxes to complement your custom coins. These add an extra touch of elegance and make for an impressive presentation or gift.

We provide a range of finishes for your custom coins, including options such as antique, matte, and glossy. Each finish offers a distinct aesthetic appeal, allowing you to achieve the desired look and feel for your coins.

We specialize in creating custom coins for special events, commemorations, and celebrations. Whether it’s a corporate milestone, anniversary, or a significant personal occasion, we can help you design the perfect custom coins to mark the moment.