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Bespoke Metal Coin's

We can create custom engraved design metal souvenirs. Used for commemorative events or occasions, created in gold, silver, bronze plating or collectible coins.

Commemorative gold OR silver plating collectible coin.

Do you require a bespoke Metal coin shape for presentations, created in many formats / Brass / Copper/Zinc alloy, Silver fill with choice colour, your design, or commemorative?

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We’ll advise costs and creation project lead times to you via email, or on the phone if required by return.

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Artwork Approval

Our Artwork Studio and designer will create 3D PDF visuals for your approval and confirmation.

Production of goods

We’ll keep you updated on the progress for your order, through to delivery. And then out the door to you via DHL.

We create beautiful commemorative coins or metal badges


High spec beautiful commemorative coins or metal badges made from choice materials.


We use extreme skills and experienced hands to create wonderful metal coins.


We12 yrs of metal work skills skills and experienced hands to create wonderful metal coins.

General Cost Of A Custom Made Bespoke Coins?

What’s the cost of a custom made bespoke coins?

The cost of a good quality custom made coin can vary a lot, we give the best lowest price depending on the artwork or required specifications. It also depends on the size of the coin, what materials you choose, the finish, or the design you require

Once we get started for each new design we produce, we have custom tooling that must be set up to produce and press the bespoke coin. This cost is usually the same whether we produce 5 coins or 2000, set up costs are calculated on required specifications. And it’s for this reason, it is usually always to get in touch with us for a bespoke quote.

Small, Clear Plastic Coin Presentation Boxes

The clear plastic coin presentation boxes we offer are totally free with any bespoke coin order, we offer a range of sizes.If your also looking for Bespoke Sports Medals see our section here. 

Bespoke Coin Process Of Creation

We have bespoke commemorative coins services that are produced using the process of die stamping or casting creation methods.

The term bespoke now refers not only to designer coins but also to things like bespoke medals and small pin badges. The word bespoke originated from the English verb meaning “to tailor” which has become an overused word with the current usage changing from tailor-making to customizing everything from metal pins, plates, medals to even bespoke name badges and signs. However, what is it about bespoke that makes it so popular these days?


There are several reasons why a bespoke product is so highly sought after. If you are considering buying something that has been customized, be sure to check out the quality of the work, our metal coin creation service is high spec. If the workmanship is good, then you will have nothing to worry about in terms of quality. If it’s not good, then you can easily tell by looking at the workmanship. If you don’t want to spend on something that is shoddy, then try to order from our company if it comes from a reputable company that offers quality bespoke coin, badge, or metal workpieces.


Another reason why buyers go for bespoke is their respect for a designer’s reputation. When you choose a designer, you can be sure that they take pride in their work, and that they have taken time to create something that is of high quality, beautiful, and affordable. While designer clothes do come at a higher price, you can get something that is still within your budget with a bespoke company if you look at the whole picture.


Of course, there are other reasons why people choose to get bespoke products too, including the many different companies that offer the service for you. Some companies offer it at a discounted rate, while some offer packages that include a wide range of products, our bespoke coin service is high grade. If you are looking for a specific design for your coin, you can easily find something that will fit your needs, or budget by sending over your artwork or coin design, we also have a free in house design service. As different manufacturers offer different designs, colors, materials, and sizes, we offer a guaranteed bespoke coin service.


Finally, with bespoke coin production, there is often a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. In the case of bespoke items, such as coins most are made with use in the UK and have a very limited lifetime warranty so that you can get something that is not only durable but also lasts for many years to come, we also supply coin presentation boxes. 


It should be very easy to see that our bespoke coin service provides the consumer with a wide range of options when choosing items for their home. This has made it very popular among those looking to create something unique, original, and individual to them. If you are looking to get customised, then make sure that you go to a reputable company such as ours that offers quality work and craftsmanship.

High Spec Bespoke Commemorative Coin Production

Colour Filled Bespoke Commemorative Coins

Simplistic Bespoke Commemorative Coin Production

Bespoke Coin Order Process

Step One

Choose your colour and finish and tell us about your coin design.

Step Two

We quote, showing the cost of set up also production as well as an indication of lead times.

Step Three

With your confirmed quote, we will finalise the design for your For your approval and sign off.

Step Four

Once a coin design is confirmed we begin the process of set up.

Step Five

Once set up is finished we begin production and bespoke coin creation.

Step Six

The final bespoke coin process is to complete the production, package up and ship out to you.