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Are you looking for bespoke medal services? we can help: we offer a wide range of BESPOKE SPORTS MEDAL services. We offer custom bespoke medals with a free design service:

Some of the medals we offer are below:

Part Enamelled Sports Medals

Enamelled Sports Medals

Bespoke Enamelled Sports Medals

Bespoke Part Enamelled Medals

Non-Enamelled Medals

Virtual Event Bespoke Medal

Why create a Bespoke Medal 

The question “Why create a Bespoke Medal” is often asked, many events offer a Bespoke Sports Medal, we offer a vast range of sports medals to choose from. Using Enamelled metal materials for creating the medal is popular, its is a combination of zinc and copper:

We offer bespoke sports medals for 5k and 10k running events, swimming events, or all age triathlon events, we even mass participation sports events worldwide.

Bespoke Sports Medals

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