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If you’re running an event of sorts such as a running or swimming event, then you could well require Bespoke Medals, Below are frequently asked questions about Bespoke Custom Medals.Creating Bespoke Medals for any reason can be a worthwhile process, Bespoke Custom Medals for Charities , Sports events such as running, swimming and triathlon events can all place orders from small to large orders.

Bespoke Medal Information

Often people ask frequently asked questions about bespoke medals to find the best route to take when creating the best medal for any event they are running, the participants always like to receive a bespoke medal as a reward. Best Bespoke Sports Medal Information.

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FAQs About Bespoke Medals

What are the most important questions to ask if you require or are interested in a bespoke medal service, or order for any event you may be running, sports events, charity events and more.

Yes, bespoke medals are manufactured, the process is to start by creating a 3d digital mock-up, then create a mold of the chosen design, after the mold has been created then you come to the mass production, finishing off with a bespoke ribbon.

Here at Enamelled Badges, we have created a service for producing the very best Bespoke Sports Medals, we design and create upon request.

Running medals come in many formats and types, rounded, and shaped medals. The most common running medals are 5k and 10k running medals, with a Marathon medal the next most popular.


The general price of a Bespoke Medal can vary significantly, the design is based on the customer’s requirements,  these requirements then reflex the price you can pay, the amounts also have an impact on the unit price, the more you order the cheaper it gets!

Bespoke medals can work out cheaply with and can range from £1.27 to £3.20 depending on the amount and type of the sports medal you choose.

Quite simply put custom made bespoke badges are similar to a bespoke medal, they are often boxed, and often don’t have a ribbon, therefore a custom made bespoke badge is a medal but without the ribbon. here we make Bespoke Medals for sports, events, schools, clubs, charity events, and other such activities. You can find out more by contacting us for a free quote here.
We produce thousands of Bespoke Medals, in several formats, these come in many shapes and sizes, and for many reasons.

Bespoke Medals

The Types Of Bespoke Sports Medals


Types Of Bespoke Medals

The types of Bespoke Medals on offer can vary greatly, they range from Enamelled full-colour medals, Part Enamelled, Non-Enamelled Medals, Rounded or miss shaped medals. can also create silicone sports medals which are great for children’s events. Other types of bespoke medals include interlocking or medals that spin around. Don’t forget the running medals, 5k and 10 k running medals.

Sizes Of Bespoke Medals

The general size of a medal is largely down to the customer, along with shape. However, do offer general sizes such as 50mm – 60mm – 70mm – 80mm size medals.

Virtual Event Bespoke Medals

Fast becoming a very popular event type medal, the Virtual Event Bespoke Medal is on the up, and with the amount of Virtual Events that are now taking place  its really great to see the possibilities for charities