Custom Lanyard Services

Custom Lanyard Services

For those who are constantly on the move, Custom Lanyards are invaluable. Not only are they useful for holding up keys and identification cards, but they are also very handy to hold up the camera, cell phone, MP3 player, and other small items. Lanyards are also made of many different materials and there are many types of lanyards available. A simple lanyard consists of a thin cord or clip worn on the wrist, neck, or ankle to carry items such as ID cards or keys.

Custom Lanyard Services

In the military uses of lanyards, the most common type is the shoulder sleeve which can easily be attached to a rifle’s butt plate. In the Navy, a similar lanyard is used to arm or fire an underwater bomb by releasing a latch on the cotter pin. Although military lanyards can be very heavy, lighter ones are available for the civilian market, which is ideal for people on the go.

Clip-On Lanyards 

Lanyards made from synthetic material are often lightweight and do not have a tight fit as traditional ones. One example is the clip-on lanyard which can be worn in place of a belt loop for added convenience and portability. Clip-on lanyards can be found in both nylon and polyester, which make it easy to match your wardrobe with your lanyard. Because of its lightweight, clip-on lanyards are also ideal for those who travel by airplane, because it is so easy to put the lanyard on and take it off.

Cloth Lanyards 

Lanyards made from woven cloth can be worn for many years. Most people choose to wear lanyards that have the ability to hold up to five items. This way, they can use the same lanyard to hang identification cards, keys, cell phones, and other small items. However, these lanyards can easily become tangled if used in one location for long periods of time. They are also very vulnerable to water damage and have to be washed frequently.

Pin Core Lanyard

Another common type of lanyard is the pincore lanyard, which is an adjustable cord with several loops to hang identification card readers, keys, and other items. When using these, they can be very useful since the hooks on each end of the lanyard are fixed into the body’s surface, which makes them very secure and hard to accidentally detach. The majority of these lanyards come in black or silver, though there are also some that come in bright colors. which may help make identification easier to read from a distance.

It is important to note that not all lanyards are created equal. You should make sure you purchase the right type of lanyard for your needs before buying one.

Use’s Of Lanyards

When people think of lanyards, they typically picture a small black or brown item dangling from the wrist or neck. But, many are under the impression that all lanyards are used only for carrying around keys, ID cards, and other items related to work. But, there are actually a number of uses for these small, but versatile pieces of clothing and equipment. Here are just a few:

keychain Lanyards

A common type of lanyard is also known as a keychain. A keychain is a strap or cord worn around the wrist, neck, or ankle to carry such things as identification cards or keys. At the military, lanyards are used to arm or fire a mortar tube or fuze mechanism by pulling out a coat pin when it exits the aircraft. During World War I, a British lanyard was used to attach a rubber band to the firing pin to ensure the gun’s safety.

Medical Industry Lanyards

Lanyards can be used for more non-security related reasons, too. In the medical industry, they can be used for tying bandages around patients’ arms or legs. The medical profession has been using lanyards for more than a century, and it is still popular today. Nurses use lanyards for identification purposes and also to hold onto them while they perform tasks such as inserting IVs into patients’ veins or checking for possible injuries. Many nurses carry lanyards as their personal identification device, although some do not.

lanyards  Entertainment Industry

A second important purpose of lanyards is in the entertainment industry. From playing sports to simply hanging out with friends, people of all ages wear lanyards to bring together different aspects of their lives together. In a school setting, a lanyard can hold the student’s bookbag, notebook, and other school supplies, as well as provide them with a way to hold onto the school mascot (or another school mascot).

Belt Lanyards 

One of the most popular ways to wear a lanyard, however, is to carry your wallet or purses. These items can either be placed on a lanyard or worn on a chain through the belt, which makes them very handy for taking along with you everywhere you go. Lanyards are also popular because they offer quick access to credit card and debit cards, keys, wallets, cell phones, and other smaller, specialized tools. {such as a Swiss army knife or razor, and even watches. Many companies that make small business-type items also offer lanyards as a secondary way to hold pens, folders, keys, and other small items.

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Although lanyards come in many forms, a basic lanyard made from fabric is the best option for a number of reasons. They can be made in many different colors, shapes, are relatively lightweight, and comfortable to wear. They are usually available in a variety of sizes and prices and can be easily customized to fit any pocket, so they are easy to store and carry around.

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