Custom Medals

Custom Medals: What to Look For


The use of custom medals isn’t limited to rewarding your sports event participants, but can be used for schools, sports, finishers medals, and achievements as well.Medals that are not enabled, medals that are part enamelled, or medals that are fully enamelled are available to order.


It is also very common to use silk printed ribbons when creating a custom ribbon.Their purpose is to make people happy, and they truly do that.Remember to include military medals in your collection.In addition, they can also be totally customized.


Medals of gold


Gold medals awarded to soldiers in the army are more valuable than awards won in competitions, right? Even if it’s the first of a series. An award for distinguished service deserves a custom medal to honor it. Enameled can produce any medal you would like.


The Bespoke Medal Service


In addition to a Bespoke Medals service that can provide a most impressive selection of Medals, you can find Enameled can supply custom coins, with or without boxes, the ideal way to reward your team members, school, university, sports club, military set up or NHS worker.


Custom coins


Creating custom coins is an excellent way to express yourself creatively, and they are perfect for keeping forever. Besides Enameled, Enameled also offers custom options for School Pin Badges. 


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Medals from sporting events

Medals won at the Olympics

Medals awarded at sports events

The use of medals as awards

The award of medals for events

Hobby Awards Customized

Different kinds of medals

Custom Medals Are An Economical Way To Purchase

Medals of Different Types

Personalized music medals

Delivery Of Bespoke Medals

Boost Company Morale With Custom Medals

Reward Your Employees With A Medal

Choose The Colour And Finish

Deciding On The Bespoke Material

Top Tips On Custom Medals Not To Forget

Bespoke Medals For Sports Events


Medals awarded at sports events


Open Water, Triathlon, Running, and Event Races are all made more enjoyable when they have customized finisher medals. A truly magical moment is when an endurance athlete finishes an event and then receives a medal, which he or she will keep for the rest of their lives.


The purpose of medals is for awarding


Using custom medals as awards has many benefits. Athletes are the most common reason. It is nice to be recognized for your efforts as a coach, teammate, or spectator.


Whether it is bronze, gold, or school medals, custom medals will show others that you really did put the time in, and that is something to be proud of.


Events are rewarded with medals


In addition to those events that require custom medals, those that require a special order would benefit from them as well.


Medal artworks


Among the options you have are getting artwork done on the medal, having your favorite song engraved on it, or adding an insert with a gem award. Custom medals are not limited to gem awards alone when it comes to adding them to your collection. Combined with other awards, these can create a meaningful collection.


If you are in charge of giving gifts to your employees, you could have custom medals created to give each of them. These can then be added to a set of employee appreciation awards that are given at the end of the year.


Medals for different events


There is no reason why custom medals cannot be used for all sorts of different events. If you decide to create a custom medal for each one of your employees, you can be sure that it will be something that they will be able to keep for years to come.


Having received it with much thought and care, they can wear it with pride.By creating something that is just as good and far less expensive than buying awards that usually come with a steep price tag, you can save a lot of money.


When you consider the amount of money that can be saved with free neck ribbon, beads, or other awards, you can see that saving a few dollars on these custom medals is a wise investment.


Reward yourself with custom medals


You can award medals to employees, students, volunteers, and winners of competitions or events. A custom medal should reflect the message you wish to convey when chosen for an occasion.


When ordering a medal, there are many options. You can choose the shape and size, along with the font style and font colour.


How to Order Custom Medals There are many ways to purchase medals.?


Economical Way To Buy Custom Medals


Online orders are often the cheapest way to buy custom medals. When ordering from an online supplier, you will find that you have several options including Shape and Size – Select the shape and size of the medal you would like. This option is most convenient since you can preview your selection on the screen before you make it.


What Kinds Of Medals Are There?


Medal types – Custom medals are available in several different types.Choose a medal that matches the recipient’s material type.It would be inappropriate to award a gold medal to a recipient wearing a dress shirt, for instance.It would be more appropriate to award a silver medal.


Colors are virtually unlimited. Personalization – You can personalize your custom award by inscribing a message or phrase on the back of the medal. You can also add engraving or a paint job if you so desire. Ask your supplier how to inscribe the text. Some suppliers will allow you to choose from pre-designed fonts.


Medals designed according to your specifications


Music medals are another form of custom medal. When you hear the word “music”, do you think of musical instruments? Most people probably do. Music medals can be awarded for outstanding music achievements.


This could be winning a state or county song contest, being selected as the state songwriter for a specific contest, or winning a prestigious prize in such a competition. Just about any achievements in music that you can imagine can be commemorated with music medals.


Placing an order for custom medals


Choosing the medal style – Once you have decided on the medal style, you can place your order.Custom medals can usually be ordered online within a few days to ten days.


Delivery Of Custom Medals


Your order will arrive once you have chosen your delivery method. We will send you an email and tracking number as soon as your order arrives. A custom medal is measured using either the imperial (inches) system or the metric (cm) system. Beware of confusion! Measurements of standard medals are in inches, while custom medals are in millimeters.


Custom Medals Delivered


Upon receiving your order, you will likely receive a shipment notification. Your location may require rush service. Your shipping address and payment information should be included on that receipt. You might have to wait a few days before your package arrives. Check with your supplier ahead of time if there are any special requirements you need to meet.


Boost Company Morale With A Custom Medal


When you order custom medals, you are not only serving your organization but also boosting its morale. When you see the look on the faces of your employees and visitors, you know you’ve made a great impact.


It demonstrates your company cares about the results it gets from its employees and is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy them. Consider investing in medals for your employees if you want your company to win more awards.


Reward Your Employees With A Medal


Rewards – When your employees receive custom medals, they are more inclined to work harder and do their finest.


This will benefit your company as well. This is because your employees will feel like the prize they receive is really the thing that matters. These gifts are one way to motivate your workforce. And if you have awards at stake, who doesn’t want to win them? This could be the ultimate motivator.


Choose The Colour And Finish


In addition to these benefits, when you order custom medals, you can choose the color and finish, whether it’s gold platinum, or bronze. You can also request personalised medals with the recipient’s name. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to shop around so that you don’t end up paying too much for unnecessary services.


Deciding On The Bespoke Material


Once you’ve decided on the material, design, and style of medals you would like, the process is really just a matter of choosing a provider. There are several companies that make all of these types of medals available – at competitive prices.


But be sure to look around and only order from a trusted company with a good track record. Don’t worry, this will take a little bit of time and effort on your part, but the results will be worth it.


These are just a few reasons why it may be a good idea to order custom medals. Keep in mind, though, that medals don’t have to be awarded for special occasions – any time that you feel like giving something meaningful to your employees, you can order custom medals. This shows them that their efforts matter, and that their boss appreciates them for it. And who knows, they might just keep working harder and better in the future – while receiving recognition for their efforts!


Custom medals are the perfect way to honor a loved one. These are awards given for special achievements, heroism, or valor. Medals are also used at military bases to show appreciation to soldiers who have given their lives for their country. In addition, they can also be given as a remembrance of an important event such as an anniversary or funeral.


Olympic Games medals



Top Tips On Custom Medals Not To Forget


The first place you should look when looking for custom medals is the Internet. There are so many websites that sell them. If you prefer to shop offline, then you will see that there are also several retail outlets in your area that carry award medals for both athletics and other events. Many of them also have certificates available for purchase. You may even be able to find old-time wartime medals for sale that will give you a nice touch for your walls.


Many people choose to get custom medals because they can personalize the award to fit their personality or hobby. For example, there are many people who choose to get award plaques with their pictures on them. For those who play second base, they can have their favorite player’s name on there. For those who are more aggressive, a sports team logo can be very impressive. It is not uncommon to see college logos, football teams, or military insignias on these medals.


Another popular way to get custom medals is to get autographed sports medals. These can come from nearly every sport and level of play. However, you will most commonly see college, national team, and music awards. These are usually given out after a game or event as recognition for outstanding performance.



When it comes to custom medals, you will need to take your time and do some comparison shopping. Remember, you can save money if you buy in bulk, but this may not always be the case. If you are buying in sets, you can then get discount prices for the multiple medals that you need to get.


You can also expect to pay close attention to the lead time that is provided for these medals because if you order die-cast medals in bulk and they are sent out too quickly, you may find that your favorite team has already purchased them in advance and you are left without a promotional award.



You can often save money on the price of the custom medals if you order them in bulk. This is especially true if you know that you will be getting a large number of them for promotions, team events, or music events.


The cost savings will be even greater if you are ordering a few neck ribbon inserts instead of just one. Also, if you know that you will only be giving one to each player or team, you can save even more by getting a two-piece medal rather than a one-piece award.


Keep in mind that when you order custom medals, you will not be able to order anything to go with them.


If you are creating these award medals for an organization, you may want to consider a custom award medal that includes their name and picture on it. This is a great way to personalize your gifts and add some class to your promotional events.


Another thing you can do is choose something that is similar to a team jersey. By doing this, you can ensure that people recognize your company each time they look at the medals.


People who work in sports, particularly football, understand how important it is to promote team spirit and win the respect of your fans. When you give custom medals, you are helping to accomplish those goals.


By adding gem awards to your promotions, you are showing your customers that you are dedicated to excellence and that your company is proud of its employees.


The non enamel medal can come in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, and bronze. Sports competitions and running events are perfect uses for this product. Platings can be nickel or brass, and enamel fillings are available in up to four colours. 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and plus are available in diameters of 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and plus.


Celebrating special occasions and people, such as anniversaries,
You can celebrate the success of a project, employees, or long-term partners with a coin that is designed specifically for you


There are generally two levels of raised and recessed detail on the surface of 2D custom challenge coins.

Coins in 2D and 3D: what’s the difference?


An accurate 3D Challenge Coin can be created. It is possible to round edges on 3D challenge coins and to smooth gradients between raised and recessed areas due to the infinite number of levels.


Boxed custom coins can come in several box types from a nice soft finish velvet box, red, navy , green are the most popular colours.If you are looking for a slightly less expensive custom coin box you may wish to consider a carboard coin box.With the final custom box finish leather these can be the most popular custom coin box.


How about a super sized custom coin? We can create extra large coins that start from 70mm all the way upto 120mm A soft enamel can be chosen or a hard enamel can be chosen. Know as double sized coins these amazing custom extra large coins can come in a range of finishes, gold, silver, enmablled or non enmablled the choise is yours.


A 2D coin and a 3D coin both have physical characteristics that change the look, feel, and weight of the coin.


Our custom medals can be engraved with any logo or engraving. There is no limit to the shapes, sizes, and materials that can be used. Anyone can use the free design service, regardless of whether they already have medal award designs.


Regardless of the discipline or size of the sports event, we take pride in contributing to its success. We offer trophies, custom coins, medals, and awards covering all sports and pastimes, in addition to corporate business awards and school trophies.


For medals for your school, university, or college, trophies, medals, and awards for your end of season presentation, or awards that mark a team member’s accomplishment within your organisation, we offer the following: