FAQ’s About Metal Pin Badges 

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Pin Badges 

What are pin badges made from?

Promotional pin badges are made from good quality iron, bronze, some copper, or zinc-based metals and then often plated with nickel, brass, gold, also silver plating.  

 What is the difference between badges?  

With metal pin badges “Standard Soft Enamel Badges” are traditional metal pin badges the most popular type of pin badges on the market? Yes, they are.   

The metal pin badge is made on an iron base platform, it has raised and recessed areas so if you run your fingers over the top of the badge you feel ridges. These ridges can be topped with a clear varnish also called  Epoxy  to give a smooth finish 

A Hard Enamel pin badge –  this is a modern process replacing the original method’s

The badges are very highly polished and smooth to the feel.   

What artwork is required to create a pin badge design?

A simple PDF or Tiff format can be handed over to create any design – the process is quick, in house design team will create a layout for consideration and approval.

Do I approve the design before you produce them?

Yes, we will create a visual that we will email to you for your approval or amendment and you will have the option to change things until you are 100% happy.  

How many pin badge finishes are there?

The most popular pin badges are between a silver or gold finish. For a silver pin badge, a silver nickel plating and for gold, mainly used for brass plating.  These metal finishes are included in the quoted prices.  However, there are many other finishes such as antique, chrome, gold, matt or shiny, sandblasted – all of which are at an additional cost.

 Do you have to change or simplify the original artwork?

When creating small pin badges we often mostly keep the design complete, if there are any changes they are often very small, and therefore the design is complete.

How long does the pin badge process take?

Once you have the final sign off the artwork we have created, we say about approximately 1-3 weeks.  Worth noting, however, we can often deliver in 1.2 weeks and occasionally we can fast-track an order sometimes if required.

How do you pack metal pin badges?

Each metal badge comes in a nice individual polybag and then bulk packed with support.  We take care to box your order up securely so that they arrive in perfect condition.

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Gloria Crosby
Gloria Crosby

Curabitur feugiat laoreet amet tincidunt sem bibendum et. Praesent fermentum auctor malesuada. Nunc pretium lectus est, vitae sodales nisi dignissim molestie.

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