faq Pin Badge creation services

Do you have any questions about small pin badge creation services, then ask or find below. 

Our pin badges are custom made, remember we can make your pin badge in any shape , design or size that you wish!.If you need help with a design, our team of designers can help you determine the optimal shape and size for your bespoke badge.

We have amazing pin badge services, among our top-selling badge types is the enamel pin badge. Most Enamel badges are typically copper-stamped and come in a great variety of qualities and finishes. They are a favourite among company’s, brands,  retailers , charities because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility.

Many people like the great little badge type is our custom-shaped, offset printed badges, which are manufactured from  very strong metal metal and plated with finished brass or even nickel. These badges are truly  great little designs.

We have a truly wide range of great materials to choose from that will fit your specific requirements and budget. Pin badges can be made from plastic, aluminium, rubber, copper, brass, nickel and then plated with a host of finishes. Uncertain of what material would best suit your badge, we can help just ask.

The  soft enamel badges are your well known traditional pin badges. These are stamped onto a long-lasting copper or brass plate shape they can be super plated in nickel (silver), gilt (gold) or black nickel. The soft enamel badges make super use of raised lines and recessed enamel, it give’s them ridges. Despite their name being soft , its still a hard fee, they are still hard to the touch.

The hard enamel pin badges have a flat shape design and are highly polished and smooth to the touch. instead of sitting below the metal lines, the enamel is layered up and then polished down to the flat  level. This results in a flat, smooth surface finish. The hard badge is a slightly better looking badge.

With pin badge packaging for small pins, we have a great selection .We truly can help you come up with some great packaging ideas and super looking designs to add an extra bit of value and style to your bespoke pin badges , small boxes, bags or cardboard backing.

Do you have your own design or artwork? then send over, that’s perfect. ideas ? send some images and we can redraw your design artwork for you. also our in house design team’s can  create and work with you to come up with a custom design for you.

For you pin badge design a simple PDF, tiff , or jpeg is fine.

Choose your pin badge colour, we can match it, no problem, check out our colours section.

Yes, its best to see your pin badge 3d design before they go to production.