Full Colour Bespoke Sports Medals

Full Colour Enamelled Medal

Consider a full-colour Bespoke Medal for your event, with a fantastic coloured finish these sorts of medals really are very popular. Also, consider a part enamelled sports medal. With any of our bespoke medals, you can have a plain background or a cutout shape of a medal design.

Upto 5 Colours

You can choose up to 5 colours at no extra cost. Its true great bespoke medal has to be super eye-catching, totally original, and something that is certainly cherished for many years to come. You can also choose the think ness of the medal, also you can choose the way your ribbon is supported.

Bespoke Medals

Get your brand totally seen across the UK. A bespoke medal with full colour is a great way to reward your participants, it’s not as expensive as you would think, with 5 colours on offer you can really grab a great looking medal. You can find that we support nearly all colours choose your brand colour.

Full Colour Bespoke Medals

The fully coloured bespoke medal is by far the most popular.

This type of enamelled medal the  fully coloured version of bespoke medal is by far the most popular.Many events opt for The fully coloured bespoke medals.You can choose a totally bespoke size range of medal, 50mm, 60mm,70,80mm the higher and bigger size the price slightly increases upwards, so please do be mindful.The most popular size is the 50mm or the 60mm medal.These look great, and if you are no a budget then this size is for you.

Consider full-color medals for 5k, 10k running events, triathlon events, open water swimming events, long-distance events, marathon events.

Enamelled badges can come in a wide range of sizes as we have mentioned, we can also supply a selection of boxed medals, these small high spec boxes add a little more to the reward of the bespoke medal.If your more interested in a non colour medal then consider our non enamelled medals here.

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