We have a Grooved Token Service - We can supply any sized grooved Token.

Grooved Tokens are Tokens as they might well suggest Token’s with a groove on the obverse OR front side Or on the reverse backside of the disc.

Due to the Token grooves, the grooved tokens have a particular style side profile shape that corresponds to the design profile on the front plate of any mechanical coin validator, or inside of a machine, such as a well-used machine -.these may consist of car park barrier tokens, workplace coffee machines or club or workplace locker tokens.

These Token are of better security as they only allow grooved tokens with the right profile will pass through the front plate of the machine or mechanism.

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Using a Grooved Token - Many mechanical coin validators work with a simple mechanism.

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Using a Grooved Token – Many mechanical coin validators work with a simple mechanism.

With this type of machine, only grooved tokens can be accepted, its an effective security measure. This type of mechanism has existed for some time and is still used in many machine applications with low-security requirements such as sports changing, shower or toilet tokens, golf club tokens, car park barrier tokens, or even coffee machines.