Laser Cut Product Service

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We offer a range of laser cutting services

Choose From Wood, Plastic, OR Metal Send us your logos, texts or designs(AI, CDR or PDF format is better.) Once we we have the correct specifications we can create your product.

Fully bespoke laser cutting services, choose your product.


We produce the highest laser cut products.A  3-16L Stainless steel and titanium – this grade that we use is naturally hypo-allergenic and non-magnetic


With a range of material services we use long lasting  Stainless Steel along with titanium. 

High Grade

We use Strong – Stainless steel and titanium are 1,000 times stronger than gold or platinum.

Metal Laser Products

High Spec Laser Bespoke Production

We use Steel and Titanium as our core production service , mass production or MOQ 100 units.

We Use Stainless Steel

We use a range of imported 316L medical stainless steel , 304 stainless steel and titanium green steel as raw material before we customise any products during the creation process.

Long Lasting Metal Construction production

Super Durability - Down to its nearly indestructible nature, stainless steel and titanium product creation will last longer. with a low rate of decline it will not deteriorate in long exposure to toxic or acidic soils.

Laser Cutting Services

We are capable of Laser cutting many types of material such as acrylic, most engineering plastics, Any MDF, and Plywood. 


Laser Engraving Services 

If you are asking which materials can we laser engraved into?  Laser engraving is excellent at processing many different materials and at any volumes quickly. What is Laser Engraving, or also known as or “Laser Etching”?

It’s a well-known process known as surface technology, It possible to use different types of material in different ways to get some great results.
If required for organic-based materials such as wood, the laser cutter burns the surface of the material lightly, Cutting depth’s can be varied and 3D effects can be created.

For certain materials such as Acrylic, the laser cutter vapourises part of the surface, changing its general surface appearance. Any amazing 3D looking effect can be created by simply ask for your type.

Metal Laser Services

Eco Wood Laser Services