Our Custom Token, Custom Coins Service

Looking For Token, Custom Coins?

Our History

Looking For Token, Custom Coins?

We are a leading supplier of metal tokens, coins, and or even game chips we have many years of experience.

We suggest many advantages of using tokens and coins supplied by us.

Using metal tokens coins allows the tracking of goods and services with metal coins much easier.

Token coins can be kept as souvenirs, they look great, and have a long-lasting kept sake.

Some ways tokens coins are used across the world!

1. They can be used as vouchers (with a good exchange value)
2 Custom Coin OR Tokens can be used as souvenirs
3 Custom Tokens can be used as gaming chips
4 Custom Tokens or Coins in automatic machines, slot machines

Bespoke or blank Coins and Tokens supplied by us are used as an exchange method for fun services or access to an event, or any sports event.
Using them instead of paying with a currency allows tracking of goods and services bought and makes the coin transaction easier.

Bespoke Coins or Tokens are a perfect little souvenir from any event. Custom Text and logos are impressed on them, any logo or brand can be placed onto them.

Hand made bespoke tokens and coins can be placed into nice looking boxes, they look great!Ā±

Its widely know that another common use for Tokens is with automatic machines, where basic coins and tokens are used to then trigger a mechanism of the machine – that starts an automatic process of coin release.

We use various materials used to produce Tokens OR Coins

1 Any Metal
2 Any Plastic
3 (ECO environmentally friendly Tokens)
4 Wood Tokens

With Metal Coins and Tokens, that are offered we do offer different types of well-known material such as Brass, Hogh Grade Aluminium, Good Plated Iron, Zinc, and Others.

Making Plastic TokensĀ 

We also offer Plastic token service along with coins that are made of good P.V.C. These are light and cost very effective.

The process of making the plastic token is by using “Plastic Flakes” these are melted and then injected into a mould in high pressure.

The token moulds are usually made so that in every injection a few coins are formed, these are high grade and the best quality –

The high-grade plastic tokens we create are formed according to the mould they are injected in, your brand or logo can be placed in them.

When we create Tokens this way logo and texts can be raised up or sunken from the surface.

With great-looking printed plastic tokens are produced as flat discs with a border and are then further customised by using a UV ink printer or pad printing.

Custom Token Service.