Metal , Plastic , Wood , Token Creation Service

Metal, Plastic, Wood Token Creation Services

Are you looking for Metal, Plastic, or Wood Token creation services?

We have a wide range of Metal Tokens to consider.

The Token we offer span a broad variety of shapes and sizes for your consideration.

Here At Enambelled Badge, we have a large product selection offering great Token prices in the market- we create Tokens in gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins, even nickel coins, or copper Tokens.

Token Creation In Demand

Token services are in demand, we can supply across the UK but even Europe –

We can also make simple brass token coins for vending machines, also aluminum tokens as drink token for pubs or events or the workplace. Also to highly sophisticated high-grade nickel silver collectors coins.

Bi-metal Token Creation 

We can even create the Bi-metal tokens that are typically used as a high-security token – these are good for companies to avoid fraud in-game machines

Also, Bi-metal tokens are also used as highly exclusive promotional coins, any colours with your branded design.

Pierced Token 

We offer a Pierced token service (coins with a hole for your info) that have a particular size or weight, thus giving tokens a great effective security feature particularly in electronic coin validators.

We do offer a Grooved Token Service. Grooved tokens (coins with slight grooves) were past designed for mechanical coin validators, these are not so common now but still in demand.

Plastic Tokens

We can create any sized Plastic Tokens – The very popular plastic token which is mostly used as a drink token or promotional giveaway or even toy, With Plastic coins, they offer unlimited Token possibilities in terms of color, personalisation, or shape at unbeatable prices.

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Gloria Crosby
Gloria Crosby

Curabitur feugiat laoreet amet tincidunt sem bibendum et. Praesent fermentum auctor malesuada. Nunc pretium lectus est, vitae sodales nisi dignissim molestie.

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