Military Coins

Military Or Commemorative Coin Services

Are you looking for Military / Commemorative coins? We can create any custom or bespoke coin for Military or Commemorative purposes.

Do You Require An Armed Forces Coin

Bespoke Coins to celebrate historic or current events, anniversaries, or individual outstanding achievements. We have years of experience in producing innovative, super high-quality coins with clean, modern-looking designs that also encompass regimental tradition.

Military Presentation Coins

If it’s British Army, Royal Airforce, Royal Marines custom coins you require we can help you buy creating wonderful looking custom coins. We create Custom Celebration Coins one-off Bespoke Event Coins.

Short Production Time

If you require a custom challenge military coin service that are stand out coins worthwhile for long term presentation, we can produce them with short turnaround time, we can assist you. Our military challenge coin styles and custom coin designs have an Antique, Enamelled, Bespoke Medal feel to them.

Bespoke Enameled & Non-Enameled Coin Services

Our Bespoke Coin service is perfect for military anniversaries, or other special commemorations, our Custom Coins can be boxed in for a presentation coin creation.

Custom bespoke fully enameled coins are crafted essentially in a similar way to our non-enameled coin production.

Both bespoke enameled coins or indeed non enameled coins are available in two main sizes – 40mm and 50mm.

Custom Coins – Your Design Styles

Choose your bespoke coin look or style, for example, an antique effect gives your coin a striking vintage look, or add a colour filled section.

Choose from several coin service layouts.

  • Coins with design on one side with plain reverse backing.
  • OR the same design on both sides of the coin.
  • A different design on each side, this is a popular style with double set up costs.

Engraved Texted Coins, Sequential Numbering onto Coins, DuoTone Metal Coins, you can also choose up to five colors that are included on your coins at no extra cost.

If you require a new coin design or in fact recreate an existing design, we can design, our experienced graphic designers can ensure your custom military coins are exactly what you require, all with a high spec delivery.

Step One

Once you are happy with your quotation, we will create a  design for you if required, which will then be ready to sign off. Before any first stage production, a pre-pay invoice will be drafted.

Step Two

From a 3d mockup of your completed bespoke coin we then prepare a setup mold, this will then be the first stage of production. 

Step 3

Production will take place across a 2-3 week lead time for delivery and shipment send out via secure shipping to the customer.