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Check out our range of mixed coloured silicone wristbands

Check out our mixed colour silicone bands

They look great, have a range of blended colour options, just ask, we are bound to find a match that right for you!

With are amazing silicone multi-coloured wristbands you can see any chosen writing clearly, they are created using high-speed machinery, and many colours can be embedded. Therefore a truly multicolour effect, they look striking and really stand out, being very popular with the children! perfect for handing out trade shows, perfect for events, and made with 100% super-strong silicone, don’t forget embossed, debossed, just for some of the examples!
Adult > 202mm x 13mm x 2m
Jnr > 190mm x12mm x2
If you wish others sizes are fine upon request, any size considered.

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Mixed Multi Coloured Silicone Wristbands

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The most outstanding great looking silicone wrist band across the world, bright stand out colours.

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Mixed Colours Silicone Bands

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Its a truly fantastic colour sensation when mixed colour bands are created and logo text in colour is applied.