Non Coloured Bespoke Medal Design Services

Non-Enambelled Medals

These non colour medals really do look great, even with no colour , a bespoke medal comes as standard simply looking great.

Any Shape

You really do have a great selection of styles and shapes, these with Bespoke Medals, the Non-coloured version is very popular and a lowe costing Medal.

Choose Your Shape

We have a range of standard shapes for all Medals, such as rounded, square. But if you want something bespoke shape-wise just ask.


Why Non Coloured Medals?

The simple fact is that Non Coloured Medals can truly be a low cost option for your bespoke creation.

Any shape, or sized Non Coloured Medals can be created, sized and shaped bespoke medals like these can cost less than the coloured medals, however if you have few extra pennies in your unit cost budget then consider a fully coloured medal, ask us for advice.

Non coloured medals can be created in the same super fast lead time frames as all other types of medals, please inquire.

Consider a great looking bespoke custom medal crafted with your event logo on.Sports events and brand identity can be spread around with your logo placed onto the medal Enamelled Full Colour Medals, Part Enamelled Medals MedalsWooden Medals.

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