Part Enameled Medals

Part Colour Or Non Colour

We offer free design service for any bespoke medal order you may place with us. It’s important to note that once a medal design is created it’s there and ready for you to keep every year, changes can be made totally free of charge.

Any Design

We can offer any design, colour , filled or unfilled medal design. Use your club or brand colour, your main colours to show off your race branding ribbon and medal colour scheme can be the same, the choice is yours.

Select Styles

Why not consider a part coloured Bespoke Medal, these are great for any event. We also provide A Plain Medal service, no colour, any shape, any size, choose from a simple round medal with the odd raised area, or even a glazed top section, smooth ruff finish, the choice is yours.

Choose your medal specifics, ask and we can create.

Your Bespoke Medal Material, can be a strong zinc alloy

We use a zinc alloy- mixed with a brass or stainless steel construction 

Choose your size, from 50mm – 60mm – 70 mm Size

Also choose your medal thickness A 31mm,or a 3.5mm thick – 5-300mm 

Consider a 3D,die cast with sandblast bespoke medal finish –

Full Colour Plating And Shine 

Don’t get gold    (gold/bronze/silver/antique/black-

Your event Logo:in 2D-3D engraving or printing can be achieved

Bespoke medal, sports medal, metal medal, gold medal, silver medal.

Consider a custom marathon running medal with virtual medal ribbon.Currently you will find a growing interest in virtual events, taking the time and effort.

Virtual Event Medals

We can supply Virtual Event Medals, you can choose a wide range of styles, send your artwork and get  a free artwork service. In addition to a simple Bespoke Medal why not consider an Enamelled Full Colour Medals, Part Enamelled Medals , Non Enamelled Medals, Wooden Medals.