Plastic acrylic transparent 25 mm 38 mm or 40 mm acrylic clear plastic coin presentation capsules.

All bespoke coins you order from us will come encapsulated in a totally free protective coin capsule, these look great and are very handy. These tough little capsules protect the custom coin and enhance its creativity look. The clear capsule is perfect If you wish to take your custom coin or medal out.

These rounded little plastic coin presentation boxes are perfect for keeping your coins safe, easy to open if coin inspection is required.

The little clear box for coins comes in many different sizes, you can choose any size, or we can select one for you. With each little box complete with a soft inner ring.

Eco-Friendly, high transparency with a white joint ring inside that can adjust the size of the bespoke coin.

 Our company has produced hundreds of individually designed custom coins for many different reasons. We have bespoke coin services, we’ve made many metal items for a wide range of industries including, sports, charities, events, schools, corporations, well know charities, sports associations, along with personal celebrations.