The Soft Enamel Pin Badge

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The Soft Enamel Pin Badge

What are Soft Enamel Pin Badges?

The simple answer is that The Soft Enamel Pin Badge is enamel placed gently into the recess of a stamped badge and when heated up it leaves a nice-looking little dip which raises the metal above the enamel.

What are Hard Enamel Pin Badges?

The Hard Enamel Pin Badge is one of the most durable enamel pin badges this is due to the process that the enamel goes through. The small metal stamped pin badge is filled up with enamel then when baked it’s polished flat leaving a lovely totally smooth flat surface. Also, consider a clear set Epoxy Custom Pin Badge.Also consider Bespoke Medals services.

Do you need help with your pin badge design? Why not use our “Top” in house design team FREE of charge, to help create your perfect enamel badge?

The Soft Enamel Pin Badges are a perfect little badge Pin Badges are perfect for advertising a company or charity, or Association The Soft Enamel Pin Badge has a slightly different feel to the surface. These great little badges are also perfect for showcasing your brand, they can be perfect for charities and clubs, not to mention schools. Choose From Our
Please advise us of your requirements, full colour, any shaped your choice pin badges
Round Pin Badges. FAQAs Found Here.

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The Soft Enamel Pin Badge Service

Any sized The Soft Enamel Pin Badge's produced.

We produce wonderful little Soft Enamel pin badges, perfect for Clubs, schools children many charity organizations, sports clubs and events across the UK.

Most Popular Small Soft Pin Badge Size is 25mm


Small Soft Pin Badge’s Print Sizes are 33mm – It’s worth remembering that any background or colour or pattern of your chosen design really needs to be the above size, see a selection of ideas here.

We Create The Text – Please consider small amounts of text, we will place onto the pin badge for you. When creating a design for pin badges bold fonts do work best.

Pin Badge Colours – When choosing your pin badge colours contrasting colours work best for standing out, for example, darker faded colours such as reds, deep purples, certain greens don’t really stand out very well against a black background, considering another colour. 

Top Pin Badge Design – Try to keep the design very simple –  small design details don’t show up as well.

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Rounded Metal Pin Badges

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Any Shape Metal Pin Badges

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Bespoke Custom Metal Pin Badges

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Sports Shaped Metal Pin Badges

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Creative Small Pin Badges Used For Many Reasons Promotion Or Events

We offer a high – grade soft enamel badge service where we can match your organisation’s colours and logo to a high level of creative detail, you can choose from a wide range of creative metal pin designs or use your own.

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Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Soft Enamel Pin Badge Colours

As with the Hard Enameled badges, we have a great colour selection to choose from, the choice is yours.