Bespoke Custom Medals

Why Bespoke Custom Medals?

If you visit, we offer a whopping 35 different types of medals with a choice of colors from silver, bronze, gold, supercut crystal, or a two-tone finish. Bespoke Medals are designed to meet the exacting standards of professional athletes or simple event participants who would like to see the highest quality products for their medals and completing their event. Each Bespoke Medal piece is uniquely designed by our team to enhance your appearance and enhance your performance while participating in the sport you love. If you have any questions about what type of medals are available or special order an item to meet your specific needs just contact the manufacturer. We offer a custom silk ribbon and often it’s free of charge, with free design service.

Ordering Bespoke Medals

You may wish to order your special custom medals for all the great athletes in your event, including children, or adults. With a large and varied selection of medals of all sizes, you will find exactly what you are looking for with Whether you want to award an individual athlete, a team, a competition, a group or an organization, you will have a great range to choose from. Bespoke medals are available for events ranging from the Olympic Games to local recreational sports events. All of the Olympic and world championship medals are available to order as well as many other prestigious competitions including the Masters and Grandmasters, whichever they are they all receive a custom medal.

Olympic Medals 

The Olympic gold and silver medallists have won the right to wear the Olympic ribbon at home and on the road. When choosing a design and colour for your custom medals you will have a large choice of colours including; gold, silver, bronze, silver, and bronze. You can also choose from a range of finishes such as; antique silver, antique bronze, and polished chrome. If you want a particular emblem or logo to be used on your ribbon you can request this as well. Many companies offer an opportunity to add text to your custom medals with a wide range of fonts and font styles including; script, block lettering, braided, and many others.

Special Medals 

If you are searching for something a little different, you will find that some companies specialize in creating unisex custom sports medals. Unisex Olympic and world cup medals are also available as a choice for men and women. These will vary slightly from the unisex bespoke medals with some being lacquered, some enameled, while others may just carry the company name, logo, and information you want to include. If you need any assistance in this area, it would be advisable to speak to the company directly as they will be able to provide all the necessary information and advice you need.

Different Shaped Medals

If you would like to choose a different shape and/or size of medal you will find that this can be done quite easily too. It is important to remember that the Olympic standard is generally made from 18 gauge brass so non-enameled medals will not be suitable. You could opt to have the medals made from a cheaper metal but you would likely find that the quality will be less than perfect. There are various companies that offer the ability to engrave various materials including; silver, gold, platinum and silver plated. There are also companies that will engrave medals with gemstones. Some of these options may cost more but are often worth considering when choosing a customized sports medals provider.

Engraving And Printing Onto Medal

Many companies offer the option of engraving and printing the name of the event on the medals as well as any photographs or personal messages you would like to have on them. You can request that the name of the person responsible for giving the winning medallion be engraved on the medal. Some companies will be happy to engrave any medals you wish onto the medals at no extra charge and others will charge a small fee. Having personalized souvenirs such as these are ideal for sports events such as horse racing and football matches. Another idea for bespoke sports medals is to have your name and your personal message engraved on the medal as a memento of the occasion.

Custom-Made Award

Another option to consider when looking at a custom-made award is the use of ribbons. Many companies now supply ribbons and other fabrics to create custom ribbons to attach to the medals. These can be colour coordinated to the medals and other accessories or to the race itself. You can have ribbons made in various shapes and sizes to add a sense of style to your awards. Ribbons are available in a wide range of colours including pink, red, blue, silver, yellow and green. If you have a favorite sports team or even a local town or city, why not order custom ribbons to feature on the medals and give everyone something to connect to?

Process For Custom Medals

The Big Question People Ask is – How does it work? Bespoke Sports Medals is made by a specialist supplier who deals in mass-manufactured sporting goods – particularly those associated with your chosen sport. Each medal is individually hand-crafted by an expert team of artists and then made in the same size, shape, and colour as the original – so that every piece of customized sports medals is the real thing. Every time you buy one of our non-enameled, not plated, hardstone or acrylic medals, you’re actually buying the real thing.

Sports Medal Approach 

So why do we offer quality custom sports medals? Our approach to bespoke medals means that the highest standard is maintained, giving you the real thing. That means you get exactly the right weight, the correct shape, and the text you want on the medal, including your team’s name and logo. This is the only way to go about getting a medal, because the other options are either low quality and possibly far less durable than the original products, or simply impossible to return if something is wrong. When you opt for custom sports medals, you get exactly what you paid for.

Best Custom Medals Price

Where can I get a good price? You can find many good-quality companies offering a great range of high-quality, competitively priced custom sports medals. Many also offer discounts, free delivery, and fast turnarounds. If you’re looking for a great deal, however, be wary of some companies that seem to be offering the world but actually deliver poor-quality products. There’s nothing worse than ordering a custom sports medal service, only to find that you’ve got a substandard product when you get it in the post.

Ordering Bespoke Medals

How do I order my custom medals? When you choose to order bespoke medals, you choose a design from our extensive catalog of professional designs and accompanying text and graphics, and then choose your colour from our extensive colour palette. Our expert craftsmen will work with you to ensure that your design is the perfect visual mirror image of your chosen team or event. Once the design and colour are decided upon, you will be able to choose the metal from which your medals will be made – whether it’s 18ct gold rhodium plating or stainless steel.

QUICK QUOTE Custom Medals

Do I need a contact form to order online? yes you can get a QUICK QUOTE  Our online store accepts major credit cards and debit cards. You will be able to pay for your customized sports medals online and have them sent directly to your home or door, depending on where you live. Our aim is to make everything our customers need simple and easy to understand.

Dio, do I require a Custom Design?

The big question we get asked is – Do I need a design to order medals online!? The answer is no our online website gallery has a quick quote page that is designed to make ordering custom sports medals secure and super convenient as we have said. You will not be asked for a thing before ordering apart from basic details a custom design that you love – in fact, ordering online ensures that your choice of the customized medal will be your own – no one else will have the same as you. Once you have received your customized sports medals in the post, you can send an email of your confirmation to the address provided on the website to confirm that your medals are delivered.

Safty With Quick Quote 

As you are working with us via a quick quote setup, Is it safe to order online? yes, it is. Our online gallery website is the world’s leading retailer of bespoke sports medals, we currently ship across the globe. We process payments and process returns of any size using Bacs HSBC. Our personal online service also means that if you ever experience any problems with the website – simply email us and we’ll fix it for you quickly. If you ever have any questions about your online transaction – don’t worry, we’re here to help!Your medals are your pride and joy and they don’t have to be boring, especially if you opt for Bespoke Sports Medals. There are many different ways in which you can personalize your medals. Whether you are looking for something that will add a sense of achievement to a sporting event or you need a medal for something more specific, there are a suitable style and size for your needs. Here are some ideas of how you can make medals more individualized:

Interested In Wood Eco Medals?

CustomWooden Aged Medals? There is a great range of wooden, bespoke sports medals available. You can have any design you choose converted to look like a wooden antique medal. The golden oak finish is hard-wearing and comes with natural varnish. There are various sizes and styles to choose from. They can be used for competition days or for special events across the year.

Copper Metal Olympic Medals

How about amazing looking – Copper Metal Olympic medals made from copper are a popular choice in the market. You can easily personalize these with any design you like. The bronze colour is a great idea for competition days where it is worn to show off the gold medal. If you want to use the metal for a long-term award, then consider purchasing a steel alloy one. These are great for competitive sports events. Silver Part of the Olympic movement and another popular option in the world of custom medals is to have silver ones made. You can easily have these converted to silver to match the design you have chosen. These can be used for competition days or just for virtual event days. You can also purchase silver ones that will allow you to enter virtual events in your team if you are looking to do so.

Choose Gold For Bespoke Medals

Gold The choice of gold for bespoke sports medals is one of the most popular. If you want a simple gold medal but still want something classed as an achievement, consider investing in a platinum one. These medals will be heavy-duty yet soft to the touch and are very durable. You can get them in almost any size you wish so you do not need to worry about whether they will fit into the competition or not.

Bespoke Silver Medals 

Bespoke Silver Although not the first choice for some, this is now becoming a more popular option thanks to the rise of the bespoke sports medals service. You can purchase these in both silver and gold. As well as the popular options of gold and platinum, you can now find them in silver. The great range includes a wide range of models including bullion and sterling silver ones. For those that prefer a less formal selection, there are also options where the engraving can be added to the surface of the item.

Choose Bespoke Titanium Medals 

Bespoke Titanium Medals Another new material that is becoming popular with the choice of bespoke sports medals is titanium. This is a great choice if you want a medal that is lightweight and strong. It is also possible to get different colour options so you can match the colour of the ribbon or other item to the design you are using. It is possible to have the medals made up of different materials but many choose to use the same design service for all of their pieces so they can enjoy the range of choices available.

There are many options for the bespoke sports medals option. There are many different metals from which you can choose and you are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking for something a little different but equally impressive then you may want to consider getting non-enameled medals. These are much lighter in weight than the enamels and will usually have small custom engravings on the surface.

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