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More Information About Blank Metal Tokens

Metal Token And Coin Services

What Are Blank Metal Tokens Or Coins?

A metal token can be used for many reasons, clubs, business or sporting usages are on offer. The general metal token can be blank, or customised, and is often used in the place of money, in slot machines, queuing people, tokens for a reward such as food or products.

Why Use Blank Metal Coins

Using a Blank Token is a good way of avoiding cash transfer, in fact often used in a gaming room.

The token is often supplied as a round polished finish metal disc with recess for the domed centre, or it can be a different shape that is sometimes used.

The general token colour or finish is silver, brass or gold colour finish.

Disc has a ‘crossed keys’ motif stamped on reverse.

Three ways to purchase metal tokens –

Often companies will be required to use a token as blanks only.

The token can be created for customers who what to print and dome their own inserts.

Blank Token Sizes

Many token sizes can be created – general 20mm diameter (with an 18mm recess) or 26mm diameter (24mm recess). From these sizes other shapes and sizes are often bespoke, they can be created upon request.

Token blanks with clear domes. For customers who print their own inserts. A clear polyurethane dome to fit the recess is supplied
with each token. Clear domes have an adhesive backing and are applied directly to the surface of a pre-printed decal.

Pre Made Token Creation

An extra option to order fully assembled ready to use tokens is available.

Metal Coin OR Tokens are a good way of allowing people credit, without handing over cash, tokens can be made from all sorts of product such as metal, or plastic.

Stars Nickel Silver Token 18,50 x 1,75mm

Blank Brass 22,50 Token x 2,50mm - A perfect Sized Token.

Blank Nickel Plated 22,30 x 2,00mm 2 Standard Grooves

Blank Tonken Steel Nickel Plated - With Hole 27.65 x 2,00mm 1 standard groove Front plate.

Any Type Of Blank Brass Tokens 2,00 mm 0r 3,00 square grooves, or Grilled Edges.

Smooth Token Brass Finish

Order A Smooth Token Brass Finish

You can order a Blank Steel Nickel Plated Token At 26,00 x 2,00mm with a standard groove  or Smooth Token Brass Finish.

Truly any sized or shaped Token creation service.