Why Non Coloured Bespoke Medals Popular?.

You may ask the question why Non Coloured Bespoke Medals? They don’t have any colour , however they still look amazing, crafted into any shape or colour.

Other Types of Medal

Also consider  Enamelled Full Colour Medals, Part Enamelled Medals ,  MedalsWooden Medals.

Table Of Contents About Non-Enamelled Bespoke Medals.



FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Non Coloured Bespoke Medals

Custom Bespoke Medals

A. The most popular Bespoke Medals are certainly the non-enamelled , non coloured OR some company’s call them Europa Medals. Its true to say these Bespoke Medals are also certainly the most traditional type of medal, and come in a number of fantastic looking finishes, which include the standard common Gold, Silver and Bronze colour.

A. Its easy to understand why the Non-Enamelled Bespoke Medals are so popular, the price is the main reason, low cost, and with out the coloured centre or parts being added. This is partially interactive to charity events on a budget.

A. The answer is yes they do, and the ribbons are normally amazing, they can be fully customised , this makes them very attractive.Here at www.enamelledbadges.com we offer a free custom ribbon service for you medals.

A. Yes, you can get any of your medal creations placed into great little presentation box from as little as 97p.

Getting Your Logo On The Medal

A non coloured medal crafted with your sports event logo crafted into it.Its really important for sports events , charities to know that brand identity can be spread around with your logo placed onto the medal face.